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RealHealth Analytics

Analyzing growth, efficiency, and risk

Spans hospital inpatient, hospital outpatient and Part B / CMS 1500 data sets in a cloud-based platform to provide a clearer picture of how your business can grow.

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RealHealth TopView

Executive-level growth and efficiency data

Presents a snapshot of the RealHealth Analytics package, providing public insights and top service lines for your defined market to help identify growth opportunities and aid in efficiency.

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Contractor Target Report

Assessing financial, compliance, and risk concerns

Organizes reports that will help you prioritize a compliance work plan, prepare for audits, assess necessary risk coverage, and budget for the financial impact.

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RealScore MD

Data-driven profiles of physicians

Utilizes a dynamic, role-based rating scale using real Medicare claims to provide a comprehensive view of Medicare patient practice in a number of categories.

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RealTime Readmission

Understanding prominent diagnoses and readmissions

Aids in determining what procedures provide the most opportunities in terms of follow-up care and true case management, as well as preparing related long-term management objectives.

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