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If you want to grow your hospital business, you need to know how to grow. And you can’t properly plan for the future until you’ve understood your current situation. RTMD can bring you accurate, comprehensive, and the most current Medicare paid claims data available.

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RTMD can provide customized reports to help maximize your hospital’s growth and efficiency. Interact with our data displays to see how Medicare claims are trending on a statewide basis.

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Data is so important. Whether you are for profit or not for profit, you have to use your resources wisely. If you don’t have processes in place to monitor your efforts, you won’t achieve the desired impact.

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Gina Anderson — System Vice President of Clinical Integration, Ascension Health

Pairing our individual knowledge base with the information from RTMD allows us to dig deeper, learn the root cause of a particular Medicare service line business challenge, and then develop a plan to meet that challenge.

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VP of Marketing for a regional medical center in the Southeast

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When you’re in the business of saving, changing, and introducing lives, it’s easy to be inspired to improve. Because a better hospital means a better experience for the patients and loved ones that walk through your doors every day. Let us show you how we can help you make more informed decisions with our Medicare claims data expertise.

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